July 2, 2019

Grand Carnivale (Kings Island)

Welcome to Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

The celebration features 5 different hamlets that feature food, entertainment and activities highlighting aspects of that particular country

Most of the festival takes place around the International Street area of the park

The park's icon Eiffel Tower has even been dressed up for the festival

The main event of the festival is the Spectacle of Color Parade.  The parade begins near Flight of Fear and runs through the Coney Island section of the park before doing a loop around the park's fountain area on International Street.

King of Carnivale Float.
This float features a trampoline that artists perform on


Fabulous Eiffel Tower Float
This float has bubble and streamer effects

There are 4 parade stops along the route where the units will stop and the cast will invite parade viewers to interact with them around the floats.


Indian Drum Elephant.
This float has drums that parade viewers can play on during parade stops


Old World Germany Float


Mystical China Float


Jules Verne Airship


Mardi Gras Floats

Experience the NEW Grand Carnivale festival Kings Island through July 7th.