July 23, 2019

Moonlight Madness (SDC)

Welcome back to SDC and the second of their two summer festivals

Moonlight Madness is a series of days where the park is open later during the summer

The focus of the festival is more on the riding aspect, but they do have evening souvenirs for purchase.

With most of the other shows running during the festival being hold overs from Star-Spangled Summer, we'll focus on some of the new ones.  Hits from the Hollow is performed nightly in Echo Hollow

The show features a house band and then a collection of 7 performers that rotate in and out between songs.  This also includes Tracey on piano, vibes and other percussion instruments.

The show ends with a patriotic melody, which is always a fan favorite

At 9:10pm the park's "Fireworks Finale" lights up the sky

If you view the fireworks from Echo Hollow, they are synchronized to music (I personally feel that this music should be piped all over the park during the fireworks) 

One of the coolest locations to view the fireworks from is in the Grand Expo

Very nice fireworks show

Most people will head out after the fireworks, but the park is still open until 10pm

Don't mess out on your chances to ride the big rollercoasters after dark.  Our favorite is PowderKeg

On the square you will find the sounds of Prince Ivan performing for the Moonlight Madness Street Dance.

This seemed to be a very popular way for families to end their evening.
Moonlight Madness runs daily through August 4th.