August 1, 2019

Adventure Bay

Welcome to Adventure Bay, Adventureland's water park

Kokomo Kove is the park's giant water playfortress.  This was the original piece of the waterpark and then the rest grew from it

The Bermuda Quadrangle is a tower of 4 raft slides.  There is a topsy turvy (the orange and yellow slide - featuring small funnels), a bowl slide (the blue and green slide) and then the purple slide is almost completely in the dark and the green slide features both tunnel and open sections

Typhoon is a two-person wheelie raft slide.  There is a medium sized funnel halfway down

This complex features 2 body slides and the Reef Racer (down-hill head-first mat racer)

The two body slides include the Gang Plank (green and yellow) and the Pirates Plunge (red white and blue)

Breaker Beach Wave Pool (still don't understand why it isn't called Adventure Bay)

Finally there's the Caribbean Cruiser lazy river surrounding the Sand Bar Pool.