August 13, 2019

Mystic River Falls - New for 2020 (Silver Dollar City)

Silver Dollar City Announces A Massive New Attraction for 2020 called Mystic River Falls

(Branson, Missouri, 8/13/2019) – Silver Dollar City is making a historic splash starting Fall of 2019 and going through the park’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee of 2020 by investing $27 million into new park offerings. This represents the largest investment, made during a one-year time frame, in the 60-year history of Silver Dollar City. 

Opening next summer is the new Mystic River Falls.  This exhilarating new water raft ride will feature the “Tallest Drop on in the Western Hemisphere.” This addition will take themed water experiences to the next level, setting an ever-higher standard for guest expectations. 

Mystic River Falls, is a $23 million investment.  It will be a River Adventure that is themed to the history and legend of the great Marvel Cave, which was the catalyst for Silver Dollar City six decades ago. Riders will splash through nearly a half-mile (2100’) scenic journey, navigating hairpin turns, high tides and a hidden mine shaft on more than a 5-minute trek. Plus, Adventurers will discover industry-leading special features, including:

82’ Tall Lift Tower 
River Adventurers will ascend a more than 8-story lift tower, exposed to the open air as their rafts rotate during the climb! The rotation elevator lift of 4 platforms is unique to this ride and will be the only one like it in the world to go up so high. 

More than 6-Story Elevated River Channel
Rafts will connect to an elevated river channel suspended in the air 66’ high and travel within the channel for 180 linear feet. 

Grand Finale Waterfall 
Racing down a slide of 4.5 Stories and through the ride’s queue building, River Adventurers will brave the Mystic River Falls finale

Scenic Journey
Riders will splash through nearly a half-mile (2100’) scenic journey on an almost 5 minute long trip

Mystic River Falls calls upon that rich history for theming and backstory, intermingling fact and fiction, legend and lore, to arrive at an attraction that celebrates the spirit of adventure that’s part of Ozark culture. An underground body of water that seems to come from and go nowhere, Mystic River truly appears on the park’s historical maps as discovered and documented by botanist S. Fred Prince in the late 1800s, and to this day, flows in Marvel Cave. For the new ride, guests will be transported back to the 1880s in a storyline that revolves around a historically-based fictional character named Pearl Brazen, an intrepid explorer who’s eager to take them on a bold quest to find the headwaters of the Mystic River.  Mystic River Falls is scheduled to open next summer

Details of the new attraction.
1. Ride Entrance
2. Winding hairpins
3. Elevator lift
4. Elevated trough
5. Waterfall Finale
6. Viewing Platforms behind NEW Rivertown Smokehouse