August 10, 2019

Pirates Rollercoaster (Lego Creator)

Today's build is the Lego Creator series Pirates Rollercoaster.  This is the front of the box

The back of the box.  You'll notice this set can actually build three different models and it actually contains the instructions for all three variations.

Unpacking the box, there are lots of bags of supplies and you can see the build manual

The minifigures that come with this set and a cool balloon cart build

First we are going to start by constructing the actual station.  The next few photos will show periodic updates through that stage of the build.

Moving out from the station, a water splash section has been added, which is what that blue section to the left of the station is supposed to be

Next was bracing for the actual track portion of the ride

This is actually the final drop of the ride

The next few photos outline the build for the shipwreck decoration that goes at the top of the final drop

The installed shipwreck at the top of the last drop

This is located at the bracing underneath the elevated curve of the ride

The initial drop of the ride off the lift hill.  You'll notice some themed pieces have been added including a crab, fish and seaweed

This cool themed structure in the shape of a skull is at the top of the lift

Adding the track from the station to the lift

The start of the lift hill.  You'll notice that unlike the CDX models, this particular model does not actually have a working lifthill

A very fun octopus build

It gets installed directly under the lift hill

The track and station are now complete.  The final step here was to add "caps" at the connections between the track pieces to keep them in place.

The train for this ride is very interesting.  I believe they are wanting it to be a shark

The train has been installed and is located in the station.

Time to do some detail shots of the finished product


Control booth

Entrance and ticketing area

Load area

Climbing the lift hill.  You'll notice that the cart hits the skull which then swings to let it pass

Navigating the first dip into the curve

Going around the curve by the shipwreck

Down into the water splash.  They have it set up so that the cart activates the water splash to pop up when it goes through here.  You have to manually reset it

This was a great build.  Lots of detail and just an overall quality product.