August 17, 2019

Riptide Raceway (OOF)

Well the countdown is on for Diamond Head at Oceans of Fun

This original attraction to the park will take its final bow on Labor Day

The slide complex is really crawling to the end.  Only one of the three slides is operational now.  The center slide has actually not been operational for two seasons now.

Are you going to miss this strange incline out of the splash pool next year?

Diamond Head takes up a lot of space - the new Riptide Racer will use the area a little more wisely, which will allow for future additions to utilize this hill as well.

Never forget - feeling like you were going to fall out on this curve.

Here is the load platform.  I would have gone up to get photos but there was a huge line and guests waiting to board did not look happy at the fact that there was only one slide open of the three.

One last look at the crazy curls of Diamond Head

For reference, the new Riptide Racers appears to end where this hill is.  It'll be interesting to see how this entire area is reshaped for the new slides.