August 9, 2019

THE BEAST (Nanocoaster Coaster Dynamix)


Today's build is the Nanocoaster model of THE BEAST at Kings Island, this is the front of the box

The back of the box

Unpacking the pieces.  We have a base plate, instructions and then the pieces which are attached to that piece of paper

Step 1: turn out of the station and the first lift hill

Step 2: the exit from the tunnel, the first airtime hill and then the brake run that is way out in the woods

Step 3: the long winding run in the woods

Step 4: finishing the winding run and the run up into the 2nd lift hill

Step 5: the 2nd lift hill and the double tunnel helix

Step 6: the final run back to the station

Step 7: add the station and the name plate.
Now for some detail shots of the model

Looks great.  Another successful CoasterDynamics Nanocoaster build.