August 7, 2019

STEEL VENGEANCE (Nanocoaster Coaster Dynamix)


Today's build is the Nanocoaster model of STEEL VENGEANCE at Cedar Point.  This is the front of the box

This is the back of the box

Unpacking the pieces.  We have a base plate, instructions and then the pieces which are on both sides of the piece of paper

Step 1:  this is the midcourse brake run

Step 2: this is the area where there are a couple of inversions directly under the lift hill

Step 3: this is the portion directly out of the midcourse brake run

Step 4: this is the hill on the ride with the weird banking

Step 5: the second hill

Step 6: the lift hill and first drop

Step 7: the station and name plate
Now for some photos of the details of the finished model

Looks great.  Another successful CoasterDynamics Nanocoaster build.