August 1, 2019


Welcome to Adventureland

As soon as you enter the town square area you are greeted by the park's Carousel

Giant Skywheel towers over the end of the Midway


Splash Over

Der Flinger

The park's newest rollercoaster, The Phoenix is a great addition to the park.

Balloon Race

Lady Luck

Falling Star


Dodge 'Em Cars

Space Shot

The Underground is a fun indoor Scenic Railway.  Technically it is a rollercoaster, but there are no major drops, just a long gradual down from the top of a lift hill.

Tornado is the park's classic out and back wooden coaster

Storm Chaser is the park's swing ride.  This is still the only installation of the smaller version of Modial's swing ride.

The Monster is still the marquee attraction at the park

You just cannot beat that first drop

The Lighthouse

Raging River

The A-Train

The Dragon, a 2-loop Hopkins coaster.  It pulls some strong G-forces as it rumbles down the track.  It is not exceptional in any way and rides like crap



Sawmill Splash is a unique water raft ride

The Outlaw is the park's twister wooden coaster

The Adventureland Circus is included with park admission that features 3 major acts.  The first is a juggler who twirls large metal objects, like this cube

Next is an aerial strap duo

The final act is a unicycle rider who keeps riding taller and taller unicycles until he gets to this crazy tall unicycle.  He is wearing a safety wire, but it is still something to see in person

Adventureland is always a fun park to visit.