August 1, 2019

Phoenix - NOW OPEN (Adventureland)

The Phoenix rollercoaster opened to the general public on July 4th.  Since then, the park has been gradually adding more and more thematic elements to the area.

As you can see, the station and this area has an Asian theme.  There are numerous country flags and other elements.  The station itself has 3 blocks.  1 for unload.  1 for load and then 1 for staging before the lift.

Heading up the lift hill you can see that 2 riders face forward and 2 face backwards

There is a large plunge after the lift hill and then you go around the top curve you can see in this photo.

After going through the first block brake you go around this wave turn

There's a crazy "s-curves" section next followed by a down helix

You then pop into another block brake before the very last part of the ride
Also in the area of the new ride is this sand area with different features embedded in Asian culture
Finally to round off the new area, there is a food truck that serves Asian food.  This is a great addition to the park, and the new "themed" area is an added bonus.