August 29, 2019

Catwoman Whip - New for 2020 (SFSTL)

New Catwoman Themed Ride Catapults Guests into Thrilling Chaos in 2020

(Eureka, Missouri, 8/29/2019) - Six Flags St. Louis, The Coaster Capital of Missouri, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics, announces the addition of CATWOMAN WHIP to the park's thrill lineup in 2020.

The adventure begins as riders board one of 16 seats, situated in back-to-back groups of 8 on the ends of the ride's massive arm.  This giant arm then launches riders 16-stories into the air, spinning round in a giant vertical circle at speeds up to 52 mph.  The unique open-air pods, where the guest seats are located, have the ability to simultaneously slip guests head-over-heels while the massive arm is in motion creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

"The new CATWOMAN WHIP brings yet another innovative and exhilarating attraction to Six Flags St. Louis in 2020," said Park President Phil Liggett. "This new ride is the first in the park's history to combine height, speed and dual motion to deliver the kind of adrenaline-charged rush our guests have come to expect and that only Six Flags can deliver"

The new ride will be located near the new for 2019 ride, Supergirl Skyflyer in an area formerly housing the now-retired go kart track.  The ride will be included with park admission and is scheduled to open Summer 2020.