June 15, 2018

Grand Opening Ceremony - America's Fun Park

It's been a long time coming, but the official Grand Opening for America's Fun Park is today!

There was already a line an hour before the ribbon cutting.

It stretched all the way back to the road.  AFP employees provided those waiting with Krispy Kreme Donuts and bottles of water.

Local news stations were busy interviewing people in line while we all waited for the ribbon cutting.

At 9:45am, it was officially time.  Members of the Branson Chamber of Commerce and the administrative staff of America's Fun Park did the honors of cutting the ceremonial ribbon to officially open AFP.

Now it's official!  America's Fun Park is open for business.

The marquee for the park proudly proclaims that the park is open for business.

Festive balloons lined the fences of the park letting passersby know that AFP was having a special event.  Thank you to AFP for inviting MiG to celebrate in your special day.  We look forward to numerous return visits this season.