May 26, 2018

Opening Day (HHSTL)

It's OPENING DAY at Hurricane Harbor St. Louis for the 2018 Season.

How can you tell the park is extremely understaffed? When the marquee attractions do not open with the park.  Bonzai Pipeline did eventually open later in the day.

Over at Hurricane Bay you can tell they were short handed too.

Any time the rope is out at the 6ft mark it means they can cut 2-3 lifeguards.

Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly at Hook's Lagoon.

Wahoo Racer was very popular today.  I don't think I have ever seen a line for it before like I did today.

Tornado is still my favorite slide (for now) at the park.

I really wish we didn't have to carry the rafts up to the top, but that's really my only gripe about the slide.

My particular raft really went high up on the walls today.  Lots of fun.

They were shorthanded on the lazy river today too.  Thanks to that, they cut the position that helps to make sure people only go around once.  Several people were taking advantage of that despite the long line of people waiting to get on.

It is a great river though and worth the wait.

The last attraction open today (the tube slide tower is under repair) was Big Kahuna.  I don't think I have ever seen it this understaffed.  Guests had to actually push their raft over to the lift and there was no one to hold the raft to help you get out.