May 25, 2018

World Changes (WOF)

Welcome back to WOF.  So it appears that Bicentennial Square will be open to foot traffic after all.

The exit for Timber Wolf is exiting back into this area, even though there is literally nothing in this area open.

The Front Street fountain area just keeps looking better and better each time we visit.  We noticed that there are now plants next to the buildings as well.

With RipCord Lake now refilled, the stream by the old Henrietta boat (near Steel Hawk) has been refilled.  Sorry, we are not sure what the name of this creek is now.
We were a little surprised to see that the Dippin Dots stand near the Americana food court was actually open tonight.  I honestly do not think I have ever seen it used.

A new themed cover is being built for the soda machines in Europa.

The panda near Bamboozler has received some new plant friends.

The S-O Creek is running again and looks great.

There are now LED lights on the trees around the S-O Bridge.

Lights have been installed at International Plaza for the upcoming show season.

In Scandinavia, we noticed that they have put "plugs" over the bases for the large candy canes that are used during Winterfest.

Some nice large palms have been added to the deck at Jungle Jack's

Finally, they have thematic lights and sounds once again in the Fury of the Nile tunnel - and yes the waterfall is back on.

Good night from Worlds of Fun