May 25, 2018

Opening Day (OOF)

It's Opening Day at Oceans of Fun.

With the excessively warm temperatures, the park will be quite popular this weekend.

Paradise Falls was full of people.

The park only had two of the 3 Predator's Plunge drop capsule slides open today.  For some reason, the red slide was not being used.

Sharks Revenge (the two blue tube slides) and Constrictor (purple/yellow slide) were very popular today. 

Surf City Wave Pool was packed.

Good luck trying to get a tube when it is this busy.

Hurricane Falls is still the only large raft slide at the park.  Considering how popular it is and the fact that the park really needs more large capacity slides, I wonder when they'll finally add another large slide to the park.

Caribbean Cruiser was ridiculous today.  Not enough tubes and just over flowing with people.  I think it is time to change operations and make people have to ride in a tube and you only get one lap around before you have to get out and wait in line again.

Diamond Head is down to one working slide.  The only slide open today was Maui Wowee.

Still one of the best slides at the park.  Typhoon is a racing slide composed of twin camel back slides.

Aruba Tuba is a tower of two tube slides.  One is mostly enclosed and the other is completely open.

Thank goodness for Coconut Cove to help eat up some of the crowd.

Even this large activity pool was overflowing with people today.

The shot gun slides even had lines.  The line for the rope course was crazy long.

You know the park is really busy when even Splash Island has a sizable crowd.

Buccaneer Bay had most of its canoes and swan boats in use.

Amazing.  People don't want to use the sand volleyball courts when it is this hot outside.

The Crocodile Isle kiddie area was insane.

There were a lot of people in the waterpark today.

There was even a lengthy line for Monsoon.  That should tell you how busy it was.  Overall the park looked great and we had a good time even with how busy it was.  I do think the park really needs to add several new slides for capacity especially with how hot our summers are in Missouri.