May 29, 2018

Typhoon Twister (HHSTL)

Construction is still on going for the new Typhoon Twister water slide.

Here is an elevated view of the new complex.

Forms for the queue line to the stairs have been created.

This is where the run out for the body slides used to be.

They were in the process of cutting holes in the pavement for those wooden poles.  I would imagine that they will probably be used to mark the entrance and exit pathways.

Here is a closer look at the complex.

The hole at the top of the platform is where the entry slide parts will be placed.

Here is the wave turn.  You can see where the water sprayers will be located at towards the tip of the wave turn.

This is the catch pool for the slide.  It looks like you will get to carry your raft up to the top for this slide much like over at Tornado.

They were working on the tube portion that connects the end of the wave turn to the catch pool today.  I believe there are a total of 3 sections that need be placed still for this part of the slide.

This gives a better size comparison to just how big this slide is

They still need to place some more lip parts on the wave turn area and obviously they have several sections at the top that still need to be placed.

Thankfully the parts in the parking lot are getting fewer.  The big section here is the section that will connect to the catch pool at the end of the slide.

Here you can see the entry point for the slide and then the other section will lead you to the bowl section of the slide.  I would imagine we still have at least two weeks minimum before the slide will be ready to debut for the season.