June 9, 2023

Casino Pier


Welcome to Seaside Heights - better known as the Jersey Shore

Yes, this is the same Boardwalk that was made famous on MTV back in the day

We're not here for that though, we are here for Casino Pier, our 6th park on the Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip, which you can see in the distance

Casino Pier is home to a nice selection of rides including Wave Swinger


Super Storm - yes it does 360s

Shore Shot which launches up 125 feet from the pier


The Ferris Wheel stands 131 feet tall

Musik Express

There are 4 coasters on the pier.  The tamest is Hot Tamales

Next is Xola Loca which features both spinning seats and hamster wheel seats

The spinning seats are self-explanatory.  The hamster wheel seats cause riders to spin upside down when they hit a bump.  Very strange sensation while riding.  I personally do not need to ride it again

A surprise favorite was Pirate's Hideaway

The coaster starts with an ice cream mixer powered spiral lift and then does a few hills outside before going into the building where there are additional hills and tight turns

The king of Casino Pier is obviously Hydrus

Hydrus starts with a 72 foot vertical lift

Followed by a 97 degree first drop

Which takes you into this giant vertical loop

Hydrus takes riders through 3 inversions during this 1050 foot long course

It might be a compact coaster, but it definitely packs a punch.