June 8, 2023



Welcome to Hersheypark, the 4th park on our Eastcoaster 2023 Roadtrip
Really like that new front gate.  This was our first time seeing it in person

Let's go ahead and skip to the good part.  Wildcat's Revenge is amazing

I currently have it as my number 1 coaster and most in our group have it in their Top 5

I know people are going to whine "But what about SteVe?" Wildcat's Revenge has, in my opinion better pacing from start to finish.  It also doesn't rely heavily on repetition like SteVe.  The pacing is what causes it to be better in my opinion

Laff Trakk is like an acid trip.  This indoor spinning mouse is more fun than it should be

It is interesting that Wild Mouse still exists across the street from Laff Trakk, but here it is.

Lightning Racers really needs a complete retracking.  I found it extremely uncomfortable on both sides.  Thunder seemed to be the consistent winner every time

Fahrenheit!  How I have missed you.  This ride is stupid fun

I really like how they placed Mix'd in between the boomerang element of Remix.  As for the ride, I found that it was more fun to watch it then it was to ride it

Jolly Rachers Remix got me to ride a Boomerang.  The scent tunnel was a fun addition, but at the end of the day, it was still a Boomerang and I quickly remembered why I don't ride them

Storm Runner is one of my favorite rides

The final roll and dive gets me every time.

Trailblazer was a decent minetrain.  Nothing special, but still fun.

Across from Trailblazer we got lunch.  I had brisket and mashed potatoes.  I have to admit I was impressed.  Very tasty

Making our way around the park we came to the S&S 3 pack.  We only rode the Hershey's tower

We rode Reeses Cupfushion two times in a row and I made the Top Scores board twice (look for DH)

It was time to ride the other "new to us" coaster in the park - Candymonium

We enjoy B&M hypercoasters.  Mako is by far our favorite.  While Candymonium was a solid ride, it felt rather "vanilla" to us.  Nothing, other than the swoop around the Kisses fountain really stood out

I know that I told you guys that I swore I'd never ride SkyRush again after it killed me last visit.  Well I rode it twice this visit and while it was still not a comfortable ride, I might have figured out a way to minimize the pain ... just don't ride it.

With all of the headliners at the park, Comet can easily be forgotten - but don't sleep on this quality wooden out and back

Yep.  More swings

Someone in the group remembered the monorail so we had to go do that next

It is kind of fun to see the old factory

Nice little leisure ride

Nightmare fuel.  I think that's the Jolly Rancher mascot

Petition for people to talk more about Great Bear.  This is an excellent B&M inverted

I love that helix off the lift.  It is so unique and really gets the momentum going into the first drop

Every time I underestimate how intense that loop is and every time it gets me.  SooperDooperLooper is the real OG of the park

Had a great day.  The line cut wristbands were definitely worth it.  I wish this park was closer