June 11, 2023

Six Flags America


Welcome to Six Flags America, the 10th park on our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

I always thought the front mall looked nice

Again with the swings...

The first coaster we came to that was actually open was The Wild One

Choose your seat carefully is all I am going to say

This poor thing needs a major retrack

We hopped on the flyers next waiting for them to finish testing Ragin' Cajun next door

It finally opened ... and then we got an "extended ride"

Luckily they didn't have to evac us but we were up in the block brakes in the hairpin turns for awhile before they reset the ride and got us going again.  We got exit passes for our trouble

VooDoo Drop has to be one of the cutest drop towers out there.  So short

Finally found a parking spot

Riddle Me This is cute smaller Round Up ride

Harley Quinn Spinsanity flies over the midway

Joker's Jinx is a huge knot of coaster track

I like how they barely brake it on the MCBR - big difference from Flight of Fear at Kings Island

Blizzard River is the only other version of this ride I have seen other than one at Adventureland in Iowa

Wonder Woman ... love how this ride plays the old theme song as you soar around

Superman Ride of Steel is their hypercoaster.

I personally wish the ride had more air time hills instead of the two massive helices

Batwing was actually operational and we rode it

Sorry, Batwing is now back down and won't be open the rest of the day

Flying Boats .. still a swing

So Iron Wolf turned Apocalypse is now Firebird and is no longer a stand up and instead a floorless

Yeah I don't understand the logic either, but it had the longest line of the day for some reason

Another wooden coaster that we STRONGLY ADVISE on picking your seat carefully.

We wish there was something positive to say about this park, but unfortunately we cannot think of one.  It is not a horrible park, just something seems off about it.