June 7, 2023

DelGrosso's Amusement Park


Welcome to DelGrosso's Park - yes the same DelGrosso's company known for their spaghetti sauces

We are here on a Wednesday and that means we are here on the first Spaghetti Wednesday of the season.

Each Wednesday they have a special dish for purchase.  This week it was the Grilled Chicken Rigatoni featuring La Famiglia DelGrosso Uncle Joe's Vodka Celebration Sauce.  Drink and Roll are included - and all for $12.  It was a lot of food and it was sooooo good.

DelGrosso's Amusement Park is a really cute family park

I love the look of the buildings and the abundance of trees.

Another great thing about the park is the collection of older traditional flat rides.

Rock Star


The Carouselle (that's how they spell it) had a great pavilion that it was located in

Swing Buggy

Super Spiral

Dodgem Bumper Cars



Pharoh's Fury

They also had an extensive inventory of kiddie rides, but we really didn't venture much into that area except to walk to the Pavilion that was serving for Spaghetti Wednesday

There are two coasters at this park.

The larger of the two is the Crazy Mouse which features spinning carts

The other is a traditional Wacky Worm

The park also features a nice looking waterpark called Laguna Splash

You can see some of the thematic elements here

Our favorite was this Leaning Tower of Pisa spewing water.

We had a great time here.  The food was amazing and the park was really laid back.
Honestly wish this place was closer as I would stop by every Wednesday to eat.