June 16, 2023

Fun Spot America - Atlanta


Welcome to Fun Spot America Atlanta - park 15 of our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

Let's just cut to the chase - Arie Force One is the reason we are here

This insane monster of the ride was brought to you by RMC

This thing is insane from start to finish

Seriously just look at this

and this

Somehow it is just picking up more and more speed

A double up? Yes

Then it literally takes you out back and throws you around

Then tries to eject you out of the train with a quad down

Well folks, that's the park.  Time to leave.

Honestly I wish I was kidding.  BUT, let's go ahead and show you what else is currently at the park.  Since there were so few people in the park, the ride ops kind of followed you around and operated the rides on an "as needed" basis.  This is the ferris wheel - we rode it to get aerial views of Arie Force One

The middle of this "park" is dominated by go-kart tracks

The high rise one is Samson and was not open

Not sure why we need so many go kart tracks that basically do the same thing

Hot Seat - the smallest screamin' swing you'll ever see

Some kiddie rides that no one was using tonight

Random Wild West themed facade on the arcade / food building



Screaming Eagles




Sea Serpent - yes we rode it

Hurricane - it was kind of janky


So the park itself is not much to write home about.  Arie Force One was a lot of fun.  I still don't understand how and why that coaster is here.  I guss we'll see if the Arie family can get the rest of the park up to the same caliber in the future