June 6, 2023



Park 2 of our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip brought us to Kennywood

We wasted no time in heading directly to the reason we included this park on the trip

that reason being Steel Curtain

Steel Curtain was closed our last visit so we were super happy to catch it operating

The ride is extremely quirky

Quirky in the sense that it does not follow any of the formulas that previous looping coasters have laid out.  The inversions start right off the the bat before you even navigate a major drop.

We enjoyed the ride and were able to get 5 rides in on it during the course of the day

MiG Crew really enjoys visiting Kennywood for their collection of antique rides including the Road Rally

Thunderbolt is always a crowd pleaser

We can never pass up a shooting ride with how competitive our group is.

Last time we were here the Old Mill was still themed to Garfield's Nightmare

The new theme is interesting

Sky Rocket was up next

Definitely an older version of a launched coaster

It was next time to find some food.  I had what they called BBQ brisket.  Being from Missouri, I'm a bit of a BBQ snob.  That wasn't brisket.

After lunch we headed to the Kangaroo

Then it was time for the double down on Jack Rabbit

We next tried to ride the Racer but it was broke and never opened today

So we decided to go tour Noah's Ark

Turtle was next

Black Widow was down so some of the group decided to ride Pittsburg Plunge instead

The Exterminator was a really tough ride to get today as it kept going down

Time for the Whip.  Let the giggling begin

I told you there would be a lot of swing rides on this trip.  Here's #2

Swing Shot was next

Then we got several laps on Phantom's Revenge (which was made a little difficult since they only had one train)

Cosmic Chaos was next

Followed by Spinvasion, which most of the group decided was not that great of a ride

After a few more rerides around the park it was time to head out.
Another great day on this Road Trip