June 28, 2023

Park Update (SFSTL / HHSTL)


It is summer and Thunder River is finally open for business

So close to being ready ... 😂

The new Coca-Cola Gaming Lounge has gone in the unused former pizza restaurant between Boomerang and Catwoman

Now I am not a gamer myself, so I am not overly sure of the demand for gaming in an amusement park.  Hopefully it is successful for whatever reason this exists

Inside the main gate restrooms are still not done, but they do have a fence now

The restrooms outside the main gate are now open

The restroom has been completely redone with modern decor, a new sink style and setup 
(Restroom was completely empty other than myself when photo was taken)

So this is a thing if you are interested

This apparently is taking the place of the drop floor slides. I hope the demand for double decker cabanas is high to warrant a decrease in capacity for the water park