June 14, 2023



Welcome to Carowinds, Park 13 on our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

Let's walk right down the state line and be in both North and South Carolina at the same time

Like Worlds of Fun, Carowinds is also celebrating 50 seasons. Not to take anything away from this awesome park, but we were underwhelmed by their celebratory offerings at Carowinds, but we digress

Thanks to FastLane we can do this park in whatever order we want, so why not Fury first.

This coaster is just so much fun.  We love how it shows off its speed and power.  We wish that a certain blue "gigacoaster" named after a constellation would have been built in a similar manner

We loved the new color scheme for Carolina Cyclone

We found out that this was not on FastLane so we "got" to wait in this line.  Not sure it was worth it

Goldrusher is an interesting ride.  Not sure I'd call it a minetrain, but that's what it reminded us of

We were really looking forward to riding Copperhead Strike.  First off, what the heck is up with that queue line.  Glad we had FastLane as that thing is SFSTL level long

As for the ride, we determined that we all liked it, but didn't exactly love it.  If you rode in the front the ride was super smooth.  The further back you go, the train develops a weird rattle that's not overly pleasant.  One of our crew got a horrible headache from it.  Again, not a bad ride, we just weren't blown away by it.

We will always ride snappable gliders

So I am super happy that Carowinds is into developing themed areas now

Gear Spin - I imagine we'll be getting one of these soon at WOF


Air Racer - seriously every park needs one of these

One of my favorite B&M inverteds is at this park - Afterburn

Pretty cool how it has a new themed section to belong to

Nighthawk doesn't like me.  Yeah I rode it, but it beat the crap out of me

So the last time we were here I was very unimpressed by Intimidator.  Wow, I don't know what's different but this thing is an airtime machine

Kiddy Hawk proved to be smoother than its cousin at Kings Island

Wilderness Run is NOT a kiddie coaster.  What the heck was that thing.  If you know you know

Another former Paramount Park, another junior wooden coaster

Who's a good boy?

Decided to go up in the Skytower

Lots of space here if they take out the old rapids ride and the amphitheater

Stupid Vortex never opened today

I wonder how much longer this thing has

Pretty fun getting up in the air to see the park.  The AC was nice too

Hurler.  That's the only thing nice I can say about this ride

Drop Tower.  At least this one was operational

Flying Cobras is there behind the far superior ride Do-Si-Do

This ride is just weird.  It looks like it could be really cool and then you get on it and you're like, this ride is really "meh"

We had a good day at Carowinds.  Hopefully a certain park in KC can experience a similar growth spurt here in the coming years