June 22, 2023

Zambezi Zinger - NOW OPEN (WOF)


Zambezi Zinger is NOW OPEN at Worlds of Fun

Entrance to the ride

The travel posters make reference to the 3 sub-sections of the Africa section of the park

Office in the queue line

Lots of Easter eggs on the bulletin board

themed crates in the queue area

Extended queue area

Seriously the nicest queue that WOF has ever built

The queue takes you on three sides of the spiral lift

The load building for the ride.  You exit on this side and load on the far side

The safari jeep themed train for Zambezi Zinger

Heading into the spiral lift

Round and Round it goes

Almost to the top

Plunging down the first drop

The first turn around

Running back towards the lift

Swooping curve around the lift structure

Getting ready to vault over the railroad tracks into the back section

The back section is absolutely nuts with quick directional changes while staying extremely low to the ground.  Fun things to look out for are three animals.  You can see the zebra here.  There is a rhino in the far curve

and finally there is a lion over by the fence.  These three animals came to the park from Kings Dominion

Zambezi Zinger is a great addition to the park, but don't be fooled by the name - this is definitely not a mild ride like the old Zinger.  It is also not that smooth in the back section, that was kind of a surprise.  Looking forward to some night rides as I am sure it will be nuts