June 10, 2023

Dorney Park


Welcome to Dorney Park, the 8th park on our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

Talon was our first destination.

Talon is a quality B&M inverted coaster and proves that a small footprint can deliver a fun ride

Next was Kaleidoscope - because we have to ride all the Troikas

Then the swings, because we have a swing enthusiast in our crew

Wild Mouse was our next coaster - make sure you hit this one early because the line will move slow

Hydra is an underrated ride.  I think because it is at Dorney it is gets forgotten

It is so much more than the JoJo Roll too - how about that tiny cobra roll it has. Yeah, it's stupid fun

I don't mess the defunct Omegatron at Worlds of Fun until I see one of these rides at another park and wonder why they haven't replaced Omegatron with one of these newer models

No one really talks about the quality collection of flat rides that Dorney Park has.  For some reason they are all in the center of the park, but they're there and they're fun

Dominator should have had that third tower by now.
I think this speaks about how the chain feels about this park

Drop rides peaked with the First Gen Intamin Drop Tower.
Demon Drop scares me more than any of those newer models ever will

There's one wooden coaster at the park - Thunderhawk, and it is quite forgettable.  

Steel Force - the prototype for the far superior MAMBA at WOF

I'm just kidding, kind of.  Steel Force is fun.  I imagine if they didn't put it at the lowest part of the park it would feel more menacing.

2 reasons for this photo.  
#1 to show how ridiculously removed the flyer ride is from the park
#2 this is supposedly where a new coaster might go in 2024

Possessed goes zoom zoom

I got dared to ride this - so I did.  Can you spot me?

Well Dorney Park, you're still a half day park in our books.
We had fun, but even with re-rides, it's not even 2pm yet.