June 1, 2023

Entertainment Update (WOF)


We have lots of new entertainment this year.  First up is Squawk in the brand new Serengeti Station Theatre in the Africa section next to Zulu

Yes, the bird show is back after a very long hiatus from the park and it is so nice to see this sweet couple and their feathered kids again

It is a great addition to the park and the new theatre is a perfect addition to Africa

Moulin Rogue 50 is performing in Europa and pays homage to 50 years of performances in the theatre.  It starts with a nod to its roots, the Moulin Rouge

Then it is time to pay respects to the longest running show Stax of Wax

Next is British Invasion, another long running show

Time for a nod to Broadway

Finally we loop back around to a final tribute to Moulin Rouge

A very high energy show that we definitely recommend

The show has returned to the train - and they have dialed up the storyline this year

The show is quite funny and we really appreciated how they just played music on the journey out and back to provide a much more relaxing trip instead of a narrator pointing out all of the attractions like in the past.  Huge upgrade