June 1, 2023

Oceans Update (OOF)


Oceans of Fun opened last weekend and we thought it would be interesting to see how the park looks early in the season.  The first surprise was that the pool for Monsoon has been filled

This is surprising because it was stated during the off season that the ride would be removed and it does not show up on the park maps this season

However, the ride looks like it could open any day once it gets its boats.

The entrance is fenced off and the entrance marquee is missing, but the sign is still on the station.  Very weird.  Who knows what is going to happen here

So after the accident last year, Coconut Cove has really been neutered.  You'll notice that the lilly pad walk and slides have all been removed

They have added ropes across the area where Aruba Tuba empties out

There was also a rope added across the pool and no one was being let into that area

None of the animals are left in the pool.  It is basically just a glorified public pool now

This is the only entrance to the pool too.  One way in and one way out.

Major gate across the Aruba Tuba exit

It wasn't open today.

Typhoon was also closed today

It probably won't be open for awhile as it is getting a new deck

Racers was open

The island in the middle of the lazy river is now strictly upcharge

Considering how little of the park was actually open, lounging is really the only thing to do

Ok, Paradise Falls was open

Hurricane Falls was not

Half of this complex was open - Shark's Revenge tube slides

Predator's Plunge (body slides) on the other hand was closed
Kind of a sad state of affairs right now at Oceans.  Hope it gets better soon