June 5, 2023

Kings Island


Welcome to Kings Island and the first the first park of our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

We followed some large footprints and ended up at...

The Beast.  This was our first time riding since it received some reprofiling and retracking and we were very happy with the results.  Still rode in the magic row, because apparently it still is rough when riding in wheel seats

We went next door to Mystic Timbers next and even though it still delivers a great ride, it has slipped several spaces on our "favorites" list

DiamondBack was next and this ride still delivers.  Definitely in our top 5 B&M hypercoasters

Backlot Stunt Coaster is a guilty pleasure for the MiG Crew and something we have to ride every time we visit.  For me personally, it is the tunnel at the end

We always enjoy riding Windseekers.  We are not sure why they decided to tuck this particular one in the back of the park, it would have been better to place it closer to the front so that you can see more things

One member of MiG Crew is obsessed with swings, so you are going to see a lot of them on this trip

We headed into Area 72 next

Flight of Fear had the longest line and worst ops of the entire day.  Took forever to finally get to the load platform and then once we were there, the crew was not in any hurry to load and dispatch

Orion grew on us this trip.  This is a front row coaster.  Any other row makes the ride extremely "mid".  The front row really shows off the speed that gets hidden in other rows (and especially the back row)

The retracking on Racers was very nice.

Adventure Express received upgrades in theming and it was awesome

Adventure Express is now part of a new area called Adventure Port which also features the new Sol Spin

The new Cargo Loco

There is also a new restaurant and additional theming making for a great new addition to the park

Delirium was next

Followed by Drop Tower ... which is not exactly tall person friendly with the restraints

We followed that up with rides on Banshee

The Bat (such a great ride)

and begrudgingly, we rode Invertigo

We didn't forget the junior coasters.
Next was Woodstock Express (it will always be Beastie to me)

Surf Dog ... still a debate on if this is a "coaster"

Finally Flying Ace Aerial Chase ... man is that thing rough

Some of the party wanted to ride the Log Flume, so we let them and then pelted them with the water cannons at the end.  What can I say, they asked for it

Before getting in some rerides we decided to go up in the Eiffel Tower

We had a great time, like normal, at Kings Island.
A great safe way to kick off an amazing road trip