June 9, 2023

Six Flags Great Adventure


Welcome to Six Flags Great Adventure, the 5th park on our Eastcoaster 2023 Road Trip

Let’s take a look around the park and ride some rides

Very interesting design for the carousel’s pavilion 

First coaster of the day would be Superman Ultimate Flight.  This B&M flying coaster is a very fun model. Unfortunately, the park really likes to only run one train.  This decision causes extremely long lines for the ride.

Green Lantern is a B&M stand-up rollercoaster that was originally located in Louisville. Like most stand-up rollercoasters, this ride likes to beat up its passengers. For that reason, it was a one and done for today.

I have to admit, it was surprising to see one of these top spins. Still operating in a park. Most parks have removed their models.

Kingda Ka was going to be next

But, in typical Six Flags fashion it was closed all day because it apparently snapped its launch cable

So here’s a giant lawn ornament with a pretty cool drop tower called Zumanjaro. We rode it several times since it’s quite a hike from the actual park to the base of tower

For some reason they have a random cheetah exhibit in this area.  Yeah, we’re not sure either.  

Another “because it’s Six Flags” - the entire section that El Toro is in is walled off. 

El Toro, of course, is still closed. Because “Six Flags”

This ride is back to being Medusa again.  This B&M floorless coaster is currently way off by itself with so many rides closed on this side of the park. 

Well the Runaway Minetrain is also open but the Logflume, Skyride, Safari and most of the shops and restaurants are all closed.  Kind of sad really. 

Yeah, I am not even going to try to understand this design choice for the buildings.  Especially in 2023.  

I remember when rides like the Joker were the in thing and now they’re the new Boomerang.  Our car flipped maybe once the entire circuit.  Yay?

Harley Quinn’s Crazy Train was probably the surprise hit of the day.  The fact that the train is so long adds to the awesomeness that is this ride. 

SkyScreamer was fun.  You can see just how big the park is from here…. and how much of the park is closed/underutilized 

I love seeing these in parks.  

I’m willing to bet this never opens again.  

Skull Mountain was actually a lot of fun.  They had it pitch black inside. 

Hooray, another Batman clone

Their Dark Knight was in a sorry state.  Very obvious they’re not doing proper upkeep on the stuff inside

Wonder Woman was so much fun.  It was hilarious watching the general public lose their minds on this ride

Had the top score of the day on Justice League.  I really like the second generation version of this ride and wish they’d update the St. Louis installation to this version

I have to admit I’ve never seen one of these actually working.  I rode it and I’m still not sure about it

The main reason we came today was for the Jersey Devil Coaster

Having ridden Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas we were looking forward to riding a bigger model of the RMC Raptor

Unfortunately, bigger is not always better and that’s the case here.  Jersey Devil Coaster, while a fun ride, does not have the same intensity as the smaller model at SFFT. 

We finished our day at SFGAdv with Nitro, mainly because it took them all day to get it operational. Line cutting was horrible and made our wait longer. Happened right in front of the security guard too.  He didn’t care. 

Needless to say, we’re not in a hurry to return to this park. Horrible ride ops, closed rides and facilities.  It’s like they don’t even care right now.  Very disappointing.