March 25, 2017

Branson Coaster (Branson Sawmill)

Today we have some new construction photos of the Branson Coaster thanks to sanddunerider.

So in this general area will be the where the load station, ticketing area and gift shop will be located.

You can make out some coaster track behind the earth mover in this photo.

A different angle provides a better look at the area.  The track closest to us is the return lift back to the station.  You can see the opening helix in the background next to the white earth mover.

Zooming in a bit you can get a better look at that helix.  You can also see how the track continues on down the hill past that element.

The track sort of disappears into the trees after that.  Looking at the layout that we posted last week, we know that there are some curves going back and forth down the hill before the midcourse lifthill.

Let's journey down to the bottom of the lot to see if we can see any more progress down there.

All right, down at the bottom now, we can see the start of the midcourse lift there on the right.

A pile of track waiting to be installed.  Again that midcourse lift can be seen growing there in the background.

While a lot of progress has been made, they still have quite a bit to complete.  We are expecting a mid-summer opening for this new mountain coaster.

Thanks again to sanddunerider for the update.