March 23, 2017

Branson Coaster (Branson Sawmill)

The Branson Coaster, which will replace the former Cool Off Water Chute, will be a mountain coaster. “This is going to be a very, very unique coaster, and it’s going to be like no other in North America,” Rusty Mabe (of F.A.C.E.) said.  “We do something a little bit different than everyone else. We try to take a concept and then change it into a very, very unique experience with a customer that will last a lifetime,” Mabe said.  Construction for the coaster is underway, and it is projected to be open this summer.
Here is the layout for the new mountain coaster.  You'll notice that there is a lift midway through the course that takes you back up and sends you down the hill a second time.  There is also a much longer lift at the very end of the course.  The course starts right out the gate with a helix and then some fast turns.