March 19, 2017

Spring Ride Days (SDC)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at Silver Dollar City.

This year they are celebrating a year of food and crafts.

We started off the day at ThuNderaTion.

TNT's new neighbor has really changed the neighborhood.  We'll have to wait and see if it is for the better or not.

We caught a ride on the 1st train of the day at the Frisco Silver Dollar Line.  They have changed up the robbery skit a bit this year with some new material.  I won't ruin the surprise for you.

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Flooded Mine this season.  It looks amazing.  In this photo you can see the new paint on the rockwork up on the building, the new long underwear sail on the boat and the new paint on the boat itself.  The tombstones in the lake have also been repainted.

Inside you will see lots of new paint, new uniforms for the prisoners, new birds in the cages, new lighting, and a lot of effects are working again.  It definitely shows that the ride got a lot of TLC this off season and it is nice to know that the ride is being cared for, finally.

Most of the crowd was in the Grand Expo.  It was packed.

We rode the Wave Carousel and then decided that it was too busy to wait for anything else in the Grand Expo section.

Fireman's Landing still looks amazing.  I cannot believe this used to be Geyser Gulch.

The live entertainment offerings were pretty poor during this festival.  Sunday Drive was a group they brought in from Tennessee and unfortunately I do not have a positive thing to say about their performance.  It was pretty bad.

Outlaw Run seems to be running better and faster this year.  I cannot confirm it, but it seems like it might be running different wheels this year.  The first give away is that the screeches from the past few years are no longer present.

The longest line of the day was PowderKeg, but it was only 45 minutes (and that was for the front row) so honestly while the park was full it wasn't crazy full.

Our last coaster of the day would be Wildfire.  It was running great today.

This year, make a point to go check out something at the park that makes it unique.  There are a lot of "non-ride" attractions at this park that deserve a look.

The season is off to a great start.  We'll be back soon for the New Festival of Wonders next month.