March 28, 2017

Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

Welcome to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.

As you enter the park, the Gulf Glider welcomes you.

Once you are through the front gate, the Double Decker Carousel greets you.

They have a fun themed Himalaya style ride called Rock N Roll.

The have two sets of bumper cars (called Pier Pile Up).  One for adults and another for kids.

Pirates Plunge is their themed log flume - and it does get you wet.

Their Larson Giant Loop is called Cyclone.

Revolution actually swings out off the pier and over the Gulf.

So does Sea Dragon, but it's not as scary as Revolution.

Sky Shooter reminds me a lot of Fjord Fjairlane back home at Worlds of Fun.

All right.  The main reason I even come here in the first place.

That's right, it's Iron Shark time.

No matter how many times I ride this style of coaster, the first lift always gets me.

It's quite the twisted knot of track.

The Texas Starflyer is by far the scariest ride of this type I have ridden.
The wind just blows your seat all over the place up there.

The Galaxy Wheel is the last ride on the pier.

The pier actually juts out pretty far into the Gulf.  You can see how far away the beach is from where we are currently at.

Well it's been fun but it is time to get back to the hotel.  Big day again tomorrow.