March 18, 2017

Signs and Fences 2017 (SDC)

To help promote all of the practicing crafters still in the park, they have added signs in different locations highlighting these exhibits/stores.  This sign is on Hugo's Hill Street.

This sign is on one side of the train trestle near the Saloon.

This one is on the other side.

Near Riverfront Playhouse.

Near the remains of the Waterboggan tower.

More signage has appeared at Sullivan's Mill.

The Lost River sign finally returned to the archway.

The Powerful Wall in the PowderKeg queue was finally refurbished.

The new ThuNderaTion sign and entrance.

The former entrance arch is still there,

New fence by the Saloon.

Finally the stage in Midtown was upgraded a little bit and a wagon added.