March 4, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Sanddunerider is back with another update on Project 2018 at SDC.

That's an impressive looking gate that they built... and left open.

So looking inside the gate you can see just how impressive that building structure has become.

They are starting to enclose the lower levels of the building.  I count 6 levels on the right side.

So an interesting development is this large pit that they've dug that has some very large footers.

Here you can see a CAT digging in the hole and what appears to be 3-4 footers formed in sort of a stair step fashion going into the hole.

Looking towards TNT now you can see that the construction just keeps creeping that way.

Not much new on the hill by Echo Hollow and the Grand Expo.

So back to the TNT side of things - you can see that footers are still being formed.

One important thing to point out is that there does not appear to be any footers in the actual layout of TNT.  I almost thought that there would be some in this particular swoop before the TNT lift, but that is not the case.

The CAT that was down in the major hole we showed earlier is making its way back out.

Can just say how crazy close this footer is to TNT.  Seriously, if it was any closer it would be on the actual track.

Some work being done over by TNT's initial helix section.  Doesn't look like there is anything happening in the actual helix, just really close to the outside of it.

So this area had a retaining wall built at one point - that wall is now gone and they are digging deep.

You can see there are some footers in this area already, so not sure why the need for this new deep hole.

Not sure if the footers that were here shifted or what the case may be.

Thanks again to sanddunerider for the update.  Guys, this is going to be a major ride when it is finished.