March 5, 2017

Park Changes (WOF)

 Thanks to Steve Murphy, we have another update on the front gate and International Plaza area at Worlds of Fun.  First off, this building on the right is the new Locker and Rentals Building.  It was the former First Aid Building.

Panning left, you can see how there is sort of a circular pathway from the front gate area.  We think the new stage will be here in the middle where the dirt is currently.  

Here you can see that they have the roof on one of the two domes of the turnstiles building completed.

The former Guests Relations Building appears to have its outside complete.

The previous photos were just down the hill near the fence.

The other side of the former Guests Relations Building.  It appears that it is still having work done inside.  No word yet on what this building will become.

It looks like the base coat for the new Guests Relations Building has been applied.  I would imagine that it will receive the same color scheme that the two "finished" buildings have received.

The dome on the Guest Relations Building appears to be almost complete.

If you look in the middle of the photo, you can see that roof for the second catering pavilion is complete.  It would be nice to get an updated photo of that general area.

Finally we have a look at the Ticketing Building.  The cover in the front will be for general admission ticket sales.  The cover on this side will be for group sales.  Another thing to note in this photo is how close the backstage fence will be to this building.  They are not wasting any space.