March 19, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

It's Opening Weekend and we finally have the chance to see the construction from inside the park.

The station is really right on top of the TNT queue line area.  There's no hiding what's going on.

The next few shots are photos of the building from different angles so you can see all of the details.

Next let's look at some of the footers from around the construction site.

These are right up next to TNT's station.

Here you can see where we just were.

It will be interesting to see how all of this fits together.

Now moving on to the construction next to the TNT tunnel exit.

Here are those major footers that we covered in a previous update.

Still think some inversions will be going here.

You can see Indian Point Road over here and the field of footers that will probably have several swoops or something similar.

So... how about a first drop right out of the station?

I honestly do not see how it could start any other way.

Well it sure has changed this view.  We'll have to wait and see if it is for the better.