March 26, 2017

Opening Weekend (SFSTL)

Welcome to a new season of thrills at Six Flags St. Louis

It's Opening Weekend and it looks like it's going to be a great day.

First coaster of the year at this park will be American Thunder.

They must have done some work to it this past off season as it rode much smoother than it did back in December during Holiday in the Park.

I honestly thought it was a little too chilly for water rides - but other guests didn't think so.

Time for Justice League.

Not bad for my first lap of the season.  I'll have to keep practicing.

Next it was time for Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.

I got a two quick laps on it before it broke down.

Pandemonium got a new paint job this past off season.

It's the same colors but now it is much brighter looking.

Too bad they didn't remove the ugly "skate board ramps" as well.  Since they rethemed the ride they no longer make any sense.

Time for the best wooden coaster in the park.

For some reason, only one train was ready for Opening Weekend.

Once I finally got on the ride, it was a lot of fun.

Hopefully they can start running two trains again soon.

Boomerang is back open.

It was open for the first weekend of Holiday in the Park last season but spent most of the season down due to the derailing.

Last year's addition is still thrilling fans.  It actually had a decent line today.

Sky Screamer is still a must ride for me.  I find the ride to be quite relaxing.

River King Mine Train is a personal favorite of mine.

It isn't flashy, but I find it a lot of fun.

Make it a train day.

Tsunami Soaker will open in May.  Spinsanity (you can see it behind the canopy) is still under construction and should open before Memorial Day.

So if the park was to add a S&S Freespin - would this ride have to change theme and name?

Ninja is currently running it the unadulterated "non-VR" mode.

But don't you worry.  You can soon stare at a phone while getting your head knocked around as they are already advertising a Galaxy-themed overlay for this summer.

Well, at least they are doing the VR on a crappy coaster and not a decent one.

I saved my favorite coaster at the park for last.

Batman is still one of the most forceful B&M inverted coasters out there.

It's just so much fun.

Well that was a great way to kick off Spring Break.
Definitely will be visiting this park numerous times this summer.