July 2, 2018

Waterfront Zipline (Parakeet Pete's)

Welcome to the Branson Landing and to Parakeet Pete's Waterfront Zipline.

The Waterfront Zipline is actually a set of two Screaming Eagle powered ziplines

Each cart can hold two riders at a time.

Once launched the cart is zipped backwards over Lake Taneycomo.

On the opposite side of the lake, way up on the bluff, the cart will slow down before changing directions and heading back to the station.

It doesn't take long for the cart to pick back up speed as it zooms back across the lake.

The stop in the station is a little abrupt.  You really don't slow down until you hit the coil hydraulic braking mechanism.

While the ride doesn't last very long, it is a thrilling way to see Lake Taneycomo from a different perspective.