July 13, 2018

Park Update (SFSTL)

The list of "closed" rides at the park continues to grow.  
Today we can add Joker Inc. to the list.

Fireball is back closed and the train has been removed once again.  They claim it is for a different problem than before, but this is not a good look.

Xcalibur is still showing no signs of real improvement, but it has been rumored that it might make a return to service in August.

Colossus is still down as they continue to do system improvements to make it a continual spinning ferris wheel.  I honestly cannot fathom what is taking so long.

Yes, Shazam is still not open or even put together.  At this point, they might as well just disassemble it and take it on up to the Highland Fling pad if the rumors are correct.  This plot will make a nice home to something new for 2019.

While we cannot get rides open or working, we are happy to the report that the park was able to find time to change out all of the old advertising signs around the park with new ones.

While they do look nice, we have to wonder about the priorities of the new park leadership.  We sure hope that SFSTL doesn't fall to the same level as La Ronde (where the new Park GM came from)