July 20, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard - NOW OPEN! (Adventureland)

The New Bernie's Barnyard is NOW OPEN at Adventureland.  Please note the posted rules in this photo by Dee Lipscomb.  This area is for younger guests.  If you are not accompanied by a younger guest you will not be allowed inside.

Special thanks to Ken Foster for taking photos inside the new Bernie's Barnyard.  I have to admit. I think that it turned out amazing.  Look at the Bernie statue and the amazing play fortress

Most of the area is covered in turf which helps guests in mobility assistance vehicles get around and play as well.

The new Shakin' Bacon appears to be a hit.  I hope they plan to eventually add some shade for the queue though.

More play structures and the entrance to Junior Jockeys

They still have some landscaping to do around Junior Jockeys, but it is open.

Another look at the amazing play fort.

Guests must enter and exit through a large souvenir shop in the barn.  It looks like Adventureland has a major hit on their hands with their younger guests.