July 25, 2018

Cedar Point

Welcoem to Cedar Point - A Place Like Not Other

GateKeeper greets you as you enter the park.

This wing coaster probably has the best capacity of any of the coasters here.

MaXair is always a lot of fun.  Who doesn't love a good HUSS Frisbee

I love the look of the main midway at the park.  Especially the Sky Ride flying high over the guests.

Raptor still Rules the Sky at the front of the park.

This B&M inverted coaster is still one of the most intense coasters out there.

Blue Streak, the park's oldest operating coaster, is still chugging along.  It's not a visit to Cedar Point without at least one lap on this classic wooden coaster.

You cannot drop in at Cedar Point without going on Valravn.

This is the largest version of this style of coaster so far.  That might change next year with the new installation going in at Canada's Wonderland.

Wicked Twister is usually a walk-on by the time I get to it, but that doesn't change the fact that it is awesome ride - especially in the back row where you can watch the train twist below you.

The Giant Wheel towers over the Lakeside Midway while Tiki Twirl twists park guests all around closer to the ground.

Windseeker gives you some of the best views at the front of the park.

Here is the back of the Main Midway.

Since today is National Carousel Day - we have to take a ride on Cedar Downs, one of the best carousels in nation.

Iron Dragon is one of only a few Arrow suspended coasters left.  It provides a very unique ride experience as the cart swings out going around corners.

Rougarou is the park's floorless coaster.  I truly feel that if this ride was anywhere else, it would be a marquee ride.  Unfortunately here, it tends to get overshadowed.

Millennium Force has still going strong for 18 seasons of operation. 

This is still one of the best rides out there.

If you need to make a splash, Snake River Falls will help you accomplish that task.

SkyHawk would make a great backyard swing.

Maverick continues to grow on me.  The retrofit of the harnesses and the fact that I have learned how to ride it seem to help.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is still a great ride.  You won't get a smooth ride, but you'll definitely get a fun ride out of this mine train.

Top Thrill Dragster is still the 2nd tallest and 3rd fastest coaster in the world

All I know is that it is still quite the rush.

Power Tower is a great collection of Space Shot and Turbo Drop towers and I take a ride on both types each visits.... but I really miss Demon Drop.  Power Tower just doesn't provide that "oh crap" feeling that Demon Drop could provide each and every ride.

I am convinced that Cedar Point only keeps Corkscrew because it is extremely photogenic.  It sure isn't because it is fun to ride.  Seriously, it bangs me up every time I ride it.

And if you are going to get banged up, you might as well go bruise your thighs on Magnum.  Those bunny hops on the way back from the pretzel helix are painful.

Ready to feel old?  Gemini is 40 years old this season.  Not sure how that's possible.

Still going strong.  Still a lot of fun.

Still cracks me up that Woodstock Express has a faster speed than Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

Lake Erie Eagles - flyers are always fun.

Pipe Scream is also a lot of fun.  I sure wish one could make its way to WOF.

The park looks great at night too.

I really like what they've done with the Main Midway at night.  The added lights make it a very festive atmosphere and a "kiss goodnight" as you leave the park.

Make sure you check out our special report on Steel Vengeance. 

Seriously this is a Place Like No Other.