July 25, 2018

Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)

Welcome to our special coverage of Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.

The ride starts out with what has to be one of the loudest chain lifts in existence.  You quickly find yourself at the top and then the bottom drops out.

The next thing you know you are going over a crazy airtime hill and then right after it, this insanely banked (the wrong way mind you) airtime hill.

Then the ride decides to kick it into another gear as you enter the first of 4 inversions.

It also inverts you again before heading back the other direction.

After another pop of air you head up to the midcourse brake run, which barely taps on before you head into the 2nd section of the ride which is basically all hidden inside the huge wooden structure.

For instance, there are two more layers of track here that you can barely see.  The ride ends with 5 small hills that produce massive airtime pops on the way into the final brake run.

As crazy as it is during the day, it kicks it into overdrive at night.  Good luck trying to keep track of where you are going.  When you enter the 2nd half inside the structure, the flood lights will play tricks with your eyes and the track seems to morph right into the structure.  Hold on for the ride of your life.

I got a total of 10 rides on Steel Vengeance during my visit and I rode all over the train.  I seriously couldn't find a bad seat and I am not sure that one even exists.

Steel Vengeance definitely takes the top spot as the "craziest ride I've ever ridden" - definitely in the top 3 coasters at the park and definitely one of the best coasters in the country.  I seriously cannot type enough praise for this ride.  RMC has done it again.