July 25, 2018

CLOSED - America's Fun Park

Sorry folks.  The park's closed, moose out front should have told you.

In an extremely abrupt announcement, AFP has announced that it is closing the doors.  They are blaming the weather for keeping people away and claim they cannot pay the bills in order to keep the park open.  They have already sold off one roller coaster (Groovy Train) and I imagine other rides will start disappearing soon.  

Our take on this is that those in charge did not have a forward thinking vision for this park.  You have to be able to weather the "storms" and in order to do that, you must have money reserves that you can rely on.  It appears that the park expected to be able to pay the bills right away through money coming in front guests.  That is rarely how things play out in year one.  It's sad that they could not learn from the mistakes of other failed parks that we've seen come and go here recently.

AFP claims that they are going to regroup and try something different this Fall.  We honestly will believe it when we see it.  Honestly if this place ever reopens (even in a different format) we will be surprised.  So to AFP we say goodbye, adieu, aufwiedershen, gesundheit, farewell.