July 27, 2018

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island.  It wasn't until recently that I noticed that we seem to visit this park annually even though it is about 10 hours away.  We figured it is because KI is literally on the way to anywhere we are road tripping to in the summer.

When you go, you have to ride the Bat.

This is an endangered breed of coasters and honestly they are just a lot of fun.

Banshee has really grown on me.  The pacing of the ride seems almost perfect anymore.

The fact that I can usually score numerous front seat rides is also a plus.

So I have grown taller over the past few years and Drop Tower is really not that comfortable anymore.  The harnesses were obviously not designed for taller people and then the seat belt makes that even more obvious.  I still "fit" but the harness digs into my shoulders.  We'll see how much longer I am able to ride this.

Delirium on the other hand has some of the most comfortable harnesses.  This ride is so much fun and the long lines seem to point out everyone else thinks so too.

Congo Falls.  An inappropriate amount of wetness.

So I have to admit that while I despise Boomerangs, I really like Invertigos.

Adventure Express is still one of my favorite mine trains.  I wish it didn't beat the crap out of me, but I guess that's a small price to pay in order to experience that final lift hill tunnel of awesomeness.

Racer was running well today.

Flight of Fear is always a great ride, even with the complete stop at the mid-course brake run.

Firehawk is fun, but I don't think it's a very comfortable ride.  I imagine that's why there are not too many Vekoma Flying Dutchmans out there.

So after convincing the seat assigner that I honestly cannot fit in the backseat of a cart (I'm too tall) I finally got a good ride on Vortex.  Oh sure, it's far from smooth, but when you can actually fit into your seat, it sure makes a lot of difference.

I wonder how much better Windseeker would have been if it had been placed somewhere in the park where there was actually stuff to see.  It probably has the worst placement of any of this style of rides in the chain.

If they could just make the tunnel portion of this ride longer Backlot Stunt Coaster would be perfect.

I love the Beast.  People just don't build them like this anymore.

Night rides in Row 17 are still the best thing to do at this park.

Mystic Timbers is still running well.

Night rides on Mystic Timbers are a lot of fun too.  Not to the level of the Beast yet, but still a lot of fun.

DiamondBack is just fun

and while the splashdown is pointless on the ride itself, it sure makes for a great photo off the ride.

Gravity was performing in the Kings Island Theater

This is a new Cirque style show and it was really well done.

You know me, I cannot pass up a shooter ride.  I kick butt on Boo Blasters.

I know that Zach's Zoomer is basically a clone of Woodstock Express, but it feels so much smaller here with the tall coaster mountains all over the park.

Surf Dog is a lot of fun.  I seriously want one of these at WOF.

I'll take one of the Aerial Chases while you are at it.

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown is a great log flume and you will get wet.

Why thank you, I am having a great day.

Time to head up into the tower.

This is such a great park

and for once it wasn't a million degrees outside so I could actually enjoy the park without melting.

Until next time Kings Island