July 24, 2018

Michigan's Adventure

Welcome to Michigan's Adventure.

Mad Mouse

Giant Gondola Wheel


Flying Trapeze


Thunder Bolt


 Let's be honest.  This is the real reason people come to this park.  Shivering Timbers is mountain range of wooden coaster track and it is amazing.

I found the ride to be pretty smooth.  You could tell they have done quite a bit a work on it.

Timber Town.  That's a pretty good description of this part of the park.

Next door is Wolverine Wildcat.

If you don't sit on an axle you will get a great ride.

Sea Dragon

Logger's Run


Lakeside Gliders

Big Dipper

For such a small park, I think it's amazing that it boasts 3 wooden coasters.

Don't pass up Zach's Zoomer, it's a fun ride.

Corkscrew is still the park's only standard looping coaster.

I find it extremely uncomfortable to ride.


HydroBlaster.  I'm still not sure why this is a thing.  It's a raft waterslide in the dry park.

Thunderhawk is the park's Vekoma SLC coaster

Like most SLC coasters out there, this one is going to beat you up.

But they are so starved for thrills here, the people will ride anything.

Adventure Falls shoots up a pretty impressive wave of water

Grand Rapids

This park could be so much more than it currently is, but I don't see it ever happening.  As it stands now, it's one of those places in between places that you stop for a few hours just to get out of the car.  No idea when we will be back here.  It honestly hasn't changed much since our last visit.