July 6, 2018

Soak City Valleyfair

Welcome to Soak City waterpark at Valleyfair.

As soon as you enter you will notice a large sand volleyball court.  It doesn't seem to get used much due to how hot the sand gets.

The park's lazy river, Ripple Rapids circles a good portion of the waterpark.

Ripple Rapids in the foreground and Raging Rapids in the background.

Raging Rapids is more of a tube chute where guests encounter periodic moments of rapids while riding on a tube.

Towering over most of the older section of the park is Hurricane Falls, a family raft ride.

Sporting new colors, Panic Falls slide tower features a trio of raft slides and twin downhill body slides.

Splash Station is the park's larger waterfortress play area.

The park has an additional waterfortress splash pad called Barefoot Beach which is designed for the younger visitors to the park

Breakers Bay Wave Pool takes up a good portion of the newer section of the waterpark.

Finally, the park has a collection of tall body slides.  The drop floor capsule slides, Breakers Pipeline features two straight down and two curving body slides.  Breakers Plunge, the blue slides on the left are traditional speed body slides that send riders straight down.