April 10, 2023



Welcome back to Dollywood.  They are currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of her hit "I Will Always Love You"

We headed back to Dragonflier to start our day.  We love this little ride and would really like to have a clone at SDC.

Big Bear Mountain is still not quite ready for launch

This appears to be a great addition to the park and we cannot wait to ride it sometime in the near future

We also rode Mad Mockingbird while we were in the Wildwood Grove area

We stopped by Mystery Mine next - let me tell you, our Timesaver Plus passes really saved us a long queue wait.

We had a much better ride this year.  Not much head jostling this time

Dropline was operating this year and we were happy to get a ride on this fun drop tower.

We didn't ride it, but I definitely loved the look of the kiddie coaster.  The foliage is realy growing in nicely. 

Thunderhead received a lot of track work this off season and it is running great this year

Honestly the two laps we got today were some of the best rides we have had on Thunderhead in years

Wild Eagle is always a favorite with our crew.  I think we got 4 laps in today

Firechaser Express is a guilty pleasure.  The ride is just so much fun

Our mother loves swing rides so we took a ride for her

No visit to Dollywood is complete without a train ride.

Today we rode behind Engine 70 Cinderella

Time to enjoy the sites as we climb to the top of the mountain.  There's the Grist Mill

Thunderhead.  I remember when this used to be hidden deep in the woods

Big Bear Mountain looks amazing.  I am debating on if I need to take a solo trip back to ride it later this year

Finally made it to the top of the mountain.

Back down in the city we stopped by the Barnstormer

The Wilderness Church

Tennessee Tornado

Took a lap on Blazing Fury in honor of the final season of Fire in the Hole at our homepark

Our crew always enjoys watching the bird show

The handlers do a great job

Something that shouldn't surprise anyone, Lightning Rod was broke all day.  They claim it was for "routine maintenance".  Funny how there was nothing posted outside the gates that it would be down all day.

The crew had a great day at Dollywood.  I think the park has quickly become one of our favorites to visit each year.