April 1, 2023

Opening Weekend (SFSTL)


Welcome to Opening Day 2023.  It is currently 33*F degrees out

They had the front mall all decorated for Spring

We headed up the hill to Catwoman first

Apparently these boys did not check the weather forecast for today.
It was really cold up top.  The wind was really whipping

I remembered today whey I never ride in an even row on Eagle.  Ouch

Boss was closed today so we decided to go on Supergirl next.

I don't think we have ever spun as much on this ride as we did today

We headed to Mr. Freeze next.  It was only running one train, but the other train was in the maintenance bay so it might be running two trains by next weekend

Batman seemed to be flying through its course today

I did my annual ride on Boomerang and Ninja today.  Done for the season with them

They were only running one train on the Mine Train today which made the line longer than it needed to be

Not bad for an Opening Day at Six Flags.  We look forward to the rest of the season